You’ve done the installation of solar evacuated tube collectors on the roof and found out the right spot for the solar water storage tank and pumping station setup. Now it’s time to find easy to install solar piping and fittings for the system.

Most Canadian homeowners consider installing a cost-effective and smooth-running piping system for the lifetime of the installation whereas the installers want a solar piping system that takes less time to install, doesn’t general maintenance calls later

Swimming pools are no doubt a great fun addition to homes as it allows you to have a relaxing time with family especially during summers. But usually, you need heaters to keep the water in the swimming pools warm enough to have a more enjoyable and relaxing time in the pool.And solar pool heaters are the most popular, efficient and recommended options available. Solar pool heaters have a variety of benefits that make people invest in them.

Benefits of Solar Pool Heaters

Energy Available for Free:

Evacuated Solar vacuum tubes are the essential parts for every solar collector, used for the functional absorption and conversion of sunlight into utilizable energy. Mostly the evacuated Solar vacuum tube is consists of two glass tubes merged at both ends. The gap between them consists of a solar absorbing coating over the inner tube. The evacuated layer provides an exceptional insulation that facilitates in preserve over 92% of the solar energy. To mention few design features of solar vacuum