Are you looking to purchase residential solar water heaters? You should look no further than solar vacuum tubes for solar water heating applications. These tubes are like a perfectly-built thermos. The air present in between both glass layers gets sucked out during the manufacturing process to form a vacuum.

There’s no air inside the vacuum layer; so there’s no way of heat transfer from a layer to another. It allows the solar vacuum tubes to absorb solar energy by up to 93% while losing around

You’ve done the installation of solar evacuated tube collectors on the roof and found out the right spot for the solar water storage tank and pumping station setup. Now it’s time to find easy to install solar piping and fittings for the system.

Most Canadian homeowners consider installing a cost-effective and smooth-running piping system for the lifetime of the installation whereas the installers want a solar piping system that takes less time to install, doesn’t general maintenance calls later

Are you looking to buy solar pool heaters? You should look no further than Latitude51 Solar pool heating kits. They use high temperature solar vacuum tubes to transfer solar energy to pool water. These systems help in transferring energy through a stainless steel or titanium heat exchanger. They prevent chlorine from the pool to reach the solar collectors, preventing any chemical damage due to chlorine or salt water chlorinated pool.

Solar PV or solar photovoltaic is the DC electricity created from the sun. This phenomenon was described first by Albert Einstein in 1905 and awarded with a Nobel Prize for his wonderful discovery. However, the first solar photovoltaic cells were created by Bell Laboratories in 1954. It was adopted by NASA in 1960.

In the early seventies, the PV cells have been used in small electronic devices like calculators and wristwatches. However, materials exhibiting photoelectric properties occur at the

For people who just cannot bear swimming in cold water a heated pool at home has always seemed such a luxurious option only to be enjoyed by the rich & famous. Of course, pool heating powered largely by fossil-fuel derived petroleum gas, propane and electric heating systems have been around for some time. Worldwide, there’s a growing awareness of the urgent need to develop alternative, clean energy sources to substitute the polluting fossil fuels that are causing so much damage to our

Do you want simple to install and use solar PV kits for your residential projects or home heating applications? We can provide energy efficient and affordable solar PV kits that would work in extremely cold condition and create heat with photovoltaic energy. You can fit these solar PV panels to continue generating heat even if it is -40 deg Centigrade outside.

If you need DIY photovoltaic panels, you should not try it alone without following professional guidance on assembly and installation. We

Are you making an attempt to go green? Like most homeowners, you must be tempted to look to the sun for heating and energy requirements. Despite the upsurge in sustainable and renewable energy forms available, the majority of homeowners stay reluctant while making the switch. Residential solar water heaters are one such area that they overlook often.

When it comes to looking for solar water heating systems, you could be overwhelmed with diverse arrays of options available to you. Many people


Solar panels are considered as the popular renewable technology around the world. Thanks to the government incentives and tax benefits, the demand for solar PV kits has been booming over the last decade.

How do solar panels work?

Solar PV panels transform the free energy from the sun into electricity. Then, it is converted from a DC current to an AC current through an inverter, making it easy to use in the household. The solar panels absorb the solar energy and convert it into the DC electricity

Albert Einstein first described the solar photovoltaic (solar PV) phenomenon and won the Nobel Prize for his surprising discovery. Bell Laboratories made the first solar voltaic cells in 1954. In 1960, NASA adopted this technology, and the widespread PV cell production was popular in small electronics like calculators and wristwatches in the early 70s. 

Specific materials exhibit the photoelectric property that occurs at the atomic level. The principle is the same as the way the solar photons

Nowadays heating the swimming pools cost more. But using solar collectors will save you more than thousands of dollars per year on pool heating costs, especially if you need pool heating in winter, fall or spring. The solar pool heaters can pay back within a couple of pool seasons depending on the local fuel costs.

Out of the available solar pool heating systems, evacuated tubes solar pool heaters are worth considering for your pool heating needs. More often people get confused evacuated tube