Are you looking to buy solar pool heaters? You should look no further than Latitude51 Solar pool heating kits. They use high temperature solar vacuum tubes to transfer solar energy to pool water. These systems help in transferring energy through a stainless steel or titanium heat exchanger. They prevent chlorine from the pool to reach the solar collectors, preventing any chemical damage due to chlorine or salt water chlorinated pool.

For people who just cannot bear swimming in cold water a heated pool at home has always seemed such a luxurious option only to be enjoyed by the rich & famous. Of course, pool heating powered largely by fossil-fuel derived petroleum gas, propane and electric heating systems have been around for some time. Worldwide, there’s a growing awareness of the urgent need to develop alternative, clean energy sources to substitute the polluting fossil fuels that are causing so much damage to our

Nowadays heating the swimming pools cost more. But using solar collectors will save you more than thousands of dollars per year on pool heating costs, especially if you need pool heating in winter, fall or spring. The solar pool heaters can pay back within a couple of pool seasons depending on the local fuel costs.

Out of the available solar pool heating systems, evacuated tubes solar pool heaters are worth considering for your pool heating needs. More often people get confused evacuated tube

Are you getting ready to buy a heater for your swimming pool? If yes, you want to do proper research on the type that is going to work well for you. With so many types of solar pool heating systems, it can become a hassle while differentiating between each one. In this post, we are going to compare a solar pool heating system to a gas pool heater so that you can find the right one for your pool.

Understanding Gas Pool Heaters 

Gas heaters are most widely used way of heating swimming pools. But

Swimming pools cost you a lot of money for heating. Using evacuated tubes solar collectors will save you $1000 per year on the pool heating costs, especially if you want to heat the swimming pool in spring, fall or winter. These heating systems can pay you back with a couple of pool seasons depending upon your fuel prices.

Using a solar pool heater is the probably the ideal alternative to solar water heating. You never know payback be very quick. However, any hotel, residential pools or leisure

Swimming pools are no doubt a great fun addition to homes as it allows you to have a relaxing time with family especially during summers. But usually, you need heaters to keep the water in the swimming pools warm enough to have a more enjoyable and relaxing time in the pool.And solar pool heaters are the most popular, efficient and recommended options available. Solar pool heaters have a variety of benefits that make people invest in them.

Benefits of Solar Pool Heaters

Energy Available for Free:

If you’re searching for a productive way of decreasing your monthly power bill you might want to consider a DIY solar water heater. And without any second thought, a solar water heating system is certainly the most affordable way of lowering your utility bill.

Most homes in Northern America use energy worth of $1,200 per year, which entails that there’s definitely something need to be done to reduce the fiscal burden. Almost 18 percent of the power you employ us devoted towards the heating

Does your swimming pool cost you a lot of money to heat up? Just invest in evacuated tubes solar pool heaters. But why? You mightn’t know as they will save you $1000’s per year on your pool heating costs!

Nevertheless of the season type – be it spring or fall or even winter, these pool heating systems will pay back within a couple of pool seasons. Sounds amazing right!!

Still, not convinced? Want to know more about evacuated tubes solar pool heaters? Let us help you out.

solar pool heater

What Is Exactly Evacuated

When there are solar pool heaters in your home, you can enjoy swimming all year round. Think how pleasant it would feel to enjoy a refreshing soak with your family in all seasons including spring, fall and winter. Sounds interesting, don’t you like to experience it on your own? 


Solar pool heaters are a worthy part of your household when it comes to keep your body warm and comfortable during a bath. For extending the time that you and your family can spend in the swimming pool, you have many

Solar water tanks are mostly used in thermal heating systems (SWHs) to serve as buffer tanks. With them, it becomes easy to expand the solar heating package at anywhere and anytime without using any expensive equipment. When there is bright sunshine, the heat energy absorbed by solar collectors will be transferred to the water present inside the solar water tanks for use later, most frequently in the cold evenings and nights. Many of these tanks include a heat exchanger to heat up water to a