Know How Your Pool Heating System Work

A solar swimming-pool heater doesn’t need to be complex. A standard system encompasses of a pump, a filter, a flat panel solar collector and some tubing. The pool water is dispersed via a flat-panel solar collector, generally fixed over a roof or close to the swimming-pool. This solar panel can be either glazed or unglazed. The water is heated via the sun’s energy which is absorbed via the water flowing over or through the solar-panel prior to the heated water come back to the swimming-pool. An obligatory filter is employed to take away the dirt prior to the water is stirred via the solar collector and return to the swimming-pool employing suitable copper or plastic tubing.

Swimming pool heater don’t need a detach water storage container, since the pool itself caters as the storage container and in several cases, the pool filtration pump can be employed to scatter the pool water via the filter & collector, making it an active system with forceful circulation of the warm water. During hot climates, the solar collector can be also used to cool down the swimming-pool, by dispersing the water around the system at night with the solar-panel performing as a radiator rather than a collector.

There’re many diverse solar pool collectors accessible in the market, each with their own pros and cons. The dimension of the solar collector needed for solar swimming-pool heating is decided by several aspects, encompassing geographical location, size & shape of your swimming-pool, required pool temperature, swimming season, duration of time needed to reheat the pool, wind conditions, walls or fences, etc.


Solar thermal panels used in pool heating units are accessible in typical panel sizes that can be fixed parallel to the swimming-pool or on a close by roof making the installation of filter, tubing and pump much effortless. There’re both glazed & unglazed solar collectors accessible. Glazed solar collectors are usually made employing large length copper tubing & aluminum plates, iron tempered glass covers. These are pretty costly and bulky, but during colder climate this sort of system is more competent in terms of heating the pool waters than an open unglazed collector. Nevertheless, glazed solar collector units can be employed as residential hot water heaters as well.

Using the vast quantity of solar power to heat a pool is the prevailing use of solar energy worldwide nowadays. Solar pool heaters will certainly aid you save cash and reduce greenhouse gas discharges.

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