Buying Pressurized Solar Water Tanks

A solar tank is an essential part of your solar water heating system. The type and size of solar water tanks you require are often a poorly understood part of a system. Basically, there are so many variables to it.

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What are solar hot water tanks?

Solar hot water tanks are simply like the battery for electricity except it stores heat in the form of hot water. Generally, tanks are used for heat storage in the form of hot water. The solar tanks are mainly divided into two different categories like pressurized and unpressurized tanks.

Understanding Pressurized Solar Tanks

Pressurized solar tanks are just like the standard tanks that you have in your mechanical rooms. They are heavy and perfectly designed to store pressurized water for your house. These tanks hold the water entering your home from the city water that will be under pressure from the main supply.

You can utilize a standard tank like a Bradford White Tank without internal coils and install your own external heat exchanger to it. This could work well for small solar water heating systems, i.e. one or two 30 tube collectors.

With this tank, you can spend less money; but a bit more in time and money adding the external heat exchanger. However, you can consider buying tanks that are specifically designed for solar hot water systems that feature internal heat exchanger coils built into them.

The lower coil is connected to the solar system whereas the upper coil can be used either for connecting to a backup boiler, to put additional heat into the tank or in-floor heating to draw heat out of the tank.

However, SolarStor residential solar water tanks are amazing tanks and are more costly than retrofitting an ordinary tank. However, the performance will be superior as it has additional features like better insulation and thermos-well ports for precise water temperature readings. You can choose from different sizes of SolarStor tanks like 50 gallons, 80 gallons and 120 gallons of solar tanks.

The main reason behind the different price between modified ordinary solar tanks and proper solar water tanks is not obvious to most people. Eighty gallons is 8 gallons, but the quality of internal can vary greatly. Some of the features you should compare include:

You need to check the diameter and length of the heat exchanger in the tank, i.e., the square foot of metal. More costly water tanks will have thicker, longer and better quality heat exchangers. Use of more metal implies better heat transfer to the water tanks.

You should check whether it’s better insulated.

You need to know whether more ports for sensor read the water temperature accurately.

Final Consideration –

Now you might have got a better overview of solar water tanks. No matter whatever your preferences and requirements are, you should choose no other than Latitude51 Solar. We have the industry-best solar water tanks of different sizes to choose from. For more information, please visit our website at

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