Cost Effective and Well Performing Evacuated Tubes Solar Pool Heaters

Swimming pools cost you a lot of money for heating. Using evacuated tubes solar collectors will save you $1000 per year on the pool heating costs, especially if you want to heat the swimming pool in spring, fall or winter. These heating systems can pay you back with a couple of pool seasons depending upon your fuel prices.

Using a solar pool heater is the probably the ideal alternative to solar water heating. You never know payback be very quick. However, any hotel, residential pools or leisure center will get benefited from solar pool heaters.

Solar Incentives for Switching to Solar Pool Heating 

Do you own a hotel or commercial pool? Using the swimming pool year round as an outdoor pool? If yes, you should look at solar pool heating now. Natural gas costs rise year after year. With the government incentives available to reduce on heating costs and save carbon emissions to the environment, you should consider adding a solar pool heater to your swimming bucket list.

After all, if you are heating the pool with electricity, oil or propane, the operational costs are huge. Unlike most solar pool heating systems, the solar pool heaters at Northern Lights use solar vacuum tubes. However, other pool heating systems use black polymer plastic tubing.

But the main problem with this type of system is very simple. However, the solar radiation breaks down the plastic from the outside and the chlorine deteriorates the plastic from inside.

Solar Pool Heating

The Significance of Investing in Evacuated Tube Solar Pool Heaters

  • Once you install the solar pool heater at your premise, the abundant amount of solar radiation will heat the pool and help you extend your swimming season to a great extent.
  • Depending on the number of solar panels you buy, you can use it in indoor, outdoor or year round. Simply, it’s a matter of scaling the system best suiting your requirements.
  • Evacuated tube solar collectors can produce heat even during – 40 degree C days. They operate on solar radiation, not just in sunlight, but on cloudy and cool days they can produce ample amount of heat. Even if you have a pool in the indoor, the heater will heat it, especially when it’s – 40 degree C outside.
  • The evacuated tubes solar collectors don’t only work on warm sunny days like the normal flat unglazed collectors. Heater will be able to heat the pool when the surrounding temperature is hotter than the pool. They will heat the pool during the winter days.
  • The systems don’t lose heater no matter whatever the wind or temperature condition is.
  • Vacuum tubes work in indirect sunlight like cloud cover and will continue working after the sunset.
  • The solar pool heaters use a stainless steel or Titanium heat exchanger so the pool water doesn’t come in contact with the solar collector.
  • Using a heat exchanger implies the entire solar system is a closed loop and can be pumped with as little as 20 watts energy around 10 minutes less than a pool pump needs to move up water to the top.

Final Consideration –

When it comes to installing solar pool heaters, you should look no further than Latitude51 Solar. We have cost-effective and well performing solar pool heating systems designed to ensure maximum operational functionality and durability. For more information about our services, please click here.

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