Comparing Between Gas Pool Heaters and Solar Pool Heaters

Are you getting ready to buy a heater for your swimming pool? If yes, you want to do proper research on the type that is going to work well for you. With so many types of solar pool heating systems, it can become a hassle while differentiating between each one. In this post, we are going to compare a solar pool heating system to a gas pool heater so that you can find the right one for your pool.

Understanding Gas Pool Heaters 

Gas heaters are most widely used way of heating swimming pools. But their popularity has been decreasing in recent years due to higher gas prices and solar heating. They produce heat for your pool by burning natural gas or propane. The gas burns inside a combustion chamber that contains copper coils. When the gas burns, the water is able to pass through the coil and the water gets heated.


Inexpensive buy initially

Quick heating of water

Independent operation of air temperature


Very expensive operation, useful for spas and impractical for pool

High maintenance

No energy efficiency

Not eco-friendly

Should plan ahead of time to make sure the heater gets time to heat up the pool

Average life span of 5 years

Understanding Solar Pool Heating Systems 

Solar pool heaters have been growing in popularity due to maximum return on investment. Their heating collectors use solar panels for heat transfer from the sun directly to your pool. You can place your solar panels in your yard, on your rooftop where the sun can be harvested the best.

When the solar panels starts collecting heat from the sun, the water circulated by your pump gets diverted through the panels before returning to your pool. While coming across the panels, the water gets heated up and carries that heat back to the pool.


Zero operational costs virtually, no need of additional pump as it uses the circulation pump

Maintenance free

Free solar energy

Higher energy efficiency

Eco-friendly as it doesn’t pollute air

Longer lifespan

Keeps the pool ready throughout the year so that you can use whenever you want

Comparing Performance and Use: -

If you want quick heating of small water body like spas for a short time period, gas pool heater is going to be the right option. Regardless of the type of weather, set and maintain the desired temperature.

They are ideal for spas that are not heated on regular basis. It’s because of the fact that gas heaters are very expensive to operate and have a short lifespan.

On the other hand, solar pool heating systems are perfect for recreational applications. They increase pool temperature by 7-14 degrees. They can be sized to work year round in southern climates and greatly extend the swim seasons in northern climates.

While solar pool heaters may seem more expensive to purchase initially, they are competitively-priced to operate and last much longer than gas pool heater. Therefore, you will get maximum return from your investment within short time.

One of the most amazing things about solar systems is that during the swim season, they keep the pool warm consistently so that you’re more likely to use the pool as they don’t need preparation or cost of heating.

Bottom Line –

The solar and gas pool heater comparison will help you understand better about every selection. Are you still unsure about your pool heater selection? Please contact Latitude51 Solar today and let us help you decide on the right option for you!

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